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Discount vintage British auto parts

Austin-Healey    MG    Triumph    Jaguar

We give a discount up to 16% off the regular Moss Motors retail price and up to a 10% discount off the regular British Parts Northwest price.

Calling BSCR It has come to my attention that some people who are trying to call me can not get through. I use a cell phone from Consumer Cellular, which uses the AT&T network, as my business phone. Evidently, for some reason, a few customers can not get connected to the AT&T network from their location and my number will appear as not being connected.

I have called Consumer Cellular three times and the problem has not been resolved. I am in the process of getting a different wireless provider. If you can't get through to me, just send me an email at and give me your phone number. I will be happy to give you a call.

British Sports Car Restorations is now offering additional discounts during the BPNW Endless Summer Sale and Free Shipping on orders of $500.00 or more.

I am giving an additional 3% discount on orders between $250.00 and $499.99. On orders of $500.00 or more I am giving an additional 5% discount and free shipping. These additional discounts will be added to my regular discount of up to 10% off the BPNW retail price. These offers are good until September 22nd.

My online catalog does not have BPNW part numbers in it. You can get the BPNW part numbers by going to then emailing the part numbers of the parts you need to me at or by giving me a call at 724-327-9415. I will then either email or call you back with my prices.

This offer can not be combined with orders through Moss Motors or orders placed through my online catalog. This offer is completely separate from the Moss Motors Buy More Save More Sale.

Save up to 19% off the retail price during the Buy More Save More Sale.

Now you can save an additional 3% off the retail price of parts on orders of $200 or more until September 25th. In order to get the additional discount just type "value" in the Discount Coupons Redemption Code box in the Credits Available section in step 2 of the checkout process. If you order parts that are excluded from the additional discount my shopping cart will include them in the discount calculation. I will recalculate the discount and final total and let you know before ordering the parts.

The fine print: his Order Value Discount Offer applies to retail Classic British parts at regular list price and does not apply to promotional items. Superchargers, MG T-Series Crankshafts, Alloy Cylinder Heads, E.F.I. kits, SU Carburetors, Weber Carburetor Kits, Mikuni Carburetor Kits, Air Conditioning Systems, Pertronix branded products, 5-speed conversions, Windshields, Roll Bars, Hard Tops, Body Tubs, Car Capsules, TR6 Custom Deluxe Interior Kits, items with core charges and some generic items are excluded from this promotion. These items count toward the order total, but are not discounted. This offer is limited to Moss Motors Classic British parts and is not applicable to some general items. Shipping charges will be based upon your total before application of the appropriate discount.

Getting your discount price quote: If you know the Moss Motors part numbers of the parts you need just click on-line catalog.

4 easy steps to get a price quote:

1. Click on the online catalog link above.

2. Scroll down to the Parts Search Section with the rectangles.

3. Enter one Moss part number per rectangle.

4. Click on the search button and my prices will appear on the next page.

If you want to order the part(s) just check the add to cart box for each part you want to order or the Select All link at the bottom of the prices to order all the parts.

Click on the add selected to cart button.

If you want to order more than 1 of a part you need to change the quantity to the number you need then you must click on the update quantity button to change the quantity in the shopping cart. If you do not update the quantity the quantity will remain the default Qty 1.

You can then either click on the checkout button if you don't need any other parts or click on the continue shopping button to get additional prices. Repeat the same steps to order additional parts.

You can verify that British Sports Car Restorations is a legitimate business by calling any of the following people:

John Waddle at Moss Motors 800-667-7872 extension 3031

Leighton Sherick at British Parts Northwest 503-864-2001

Zack Maki at Engel Imports 800-900-2786

The Moss Motors Oversize Shipping Charge

Moss Motors has started charging an oversize fee for parts that UPS charges extra for due to the size of the part. This includes parts such as fuel tanks, body panels and floor panels. Parts that will be charged the oversize fee have underlined part numbers in the Moss catalog.

The fee ranges between $10.00 and $195.00 depending on the size of the part. Moss has also decided to charge the fee on a per item basis and not by how many boxes are required to ship the oversize part. For example, if you order two floor panels that will fit in one box, Moss is going to charge two oversize fees instead of one, even though UPS will only charge one oversize fee.

There are 356 parts that will be charged the oversize fee. Rather than adding the oversize fee to each parts price I will confirm with you before ordering the part(s) what the additional fee is and whether you still want to order the part(s).

I do not have my own catalog. If you need one please go to the supplier who you would like me to order your parts from and give them a call and have them send you one. You can also go to their web sites to see the parts that are available for your car.

Our Suppliers
British Parts Northwest
Engel Imports
Moss Motors

British Sports Car Restorations offers its customers:

  1. Price match guaranty: We know we have a lot of competition from other Moss Motors Distributors. We will match any verifiable price for the identical part from any other Moss Motors Distributor.

  2. Sale Prices: We offer a minimum of 6% off the retail sale price when individual parts are on sale.

  3. Parts Availability: We deal with several parts suppliers so we can almost always get the parts you need as soon as you place your order.

  4. Shipping charges: We offer free standard ground shipping within the contiguous 48 states on orders from Moss Motors that are over $700.00. Due to the increasing cost of shipping Moss Motors has raised the order amount before they offer free shipping to $700 for both their retail and wholesale customers effective February 2013.

  5. Convenient Payment Methods: BSCR accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. We also accept certified checks, Money Orders and personal checks (please allow an extra day or two for the check to clear).

Who We Are

My name is Ken Lamers and I started British Sports Car Restorations after seeing how the cost of parts really added up during a complete restoration of my father's 1961 MGA. As many of you have learned during your previous or present restoration project, the cost of a single part is not very much but when you add the cost of all those individual parts together, the total cost is very often in thousands.

Like most British sports car owners I am in the middle class and live comfortably and need to watch my expenses. With all of the other expenses of daily living, I know that you can use a break whenever you can to save money, whether you're doing a complete restoration or simply buying a few parts.

As you saw above, I am an Authorized Moss Motors Distributor. I also deal The Roadster Factory, Engel Imports and British Parts Northwest. By buying your parts through British Sports Car Restorations you will receive a minimum of 16% off the retail price of the parts you need and you are also assured of receiving only quality parts.

Thank you for taking a look at my web site. I look forward to helping you save money when you need parts for your British sports car.


Ken Lamers

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